Friday, October 10, 2008

Where in the world is me?

Sorry sorry.... a month long lapse. I APOLOGIZE. The tragedy is, what with work, travel, and the fiscal crisis, i have been resorting to Netflix. And have not seen a new film in over a month. But I have to say the prospect of catching up on all those classics I have never seen is pretty exciting. So for starters: (Melissa, I hear you were sad that I never talk about films you can actually see, well these are all on Netflix!!)

400 Blows - Truffaut - Totally devastating and beautiful masterpiece. I had a similar reaction to this film as I did to Zhang Yimou's classic Raise the Red Lantern. Both films center on protagonists trapped in repressive lives (disfunctional home vs. arranged marraige) and who never truly are able to escape. In particular, both films have last scenes that are visually breathtaking and yet portray such unending tragedy that you are left emotionally drained. Basically, I was moved deeply by both these films but will be happy to see neither again. Though check out the awesome poster above from Posteritati. Polish poster are truly the best.

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Unknown said...

Well now I must apologize for not noticing this shout-out for more than two months! I'm at my parents house for the holidays and I had just started to catch up on your blog when I noticed my name! I really appreciate the post. I rented "The 400 Blows" from netflix a few months ago. I hate to admit that I did not make it through the entire film! I was not in the right mood for watching a child with such a sad life. I also found the pace to be quite slow, especially when watching a film in bed (which I have learned I should not do if I am serious about finishing it!) I will put "Raise the Red Lantern" on my queue, but this time I will be better prepared for a film that takes some emotional stamina.

Yes, netflix is great for catching up on classics. My two recent faves are "All About Eve" and "Dr. Zhivago." And I'm excited that netflix FINALLY has "Still Life", which I requested months ago when you first wrote about it.

I just get envious of the film festivals you have around you in New York. But hey, there's a great speakeasy theater with beer, wine, and comfy couches just down the street from Dan's and my apartment. And on some nights, there's nothing better than the couch at home and a movie that comes in a little red envelope.